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Akane Lee
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Aka & Akane
Basic Information

Bender type: Nonbender
Title: The Shy Baroness/The Red Baroness
Current age: 20
General Status: Physically Well/Mentally Insane
Sexuality: Asexual(?)
Relationship Status: Currently Not Interested
OOC Plans: I seriously want a guy to help her out with her split personality situation and maybe form a relationship with her. But before that even happens, I want other relationships with other guys to form too. And then a huge time period in between because she's gonna be a handful.



Akane seems like a good girl from the start but at a certain time at night (10pm-2am) she becomes this nasty serial killer called "Aka", meaning red in Japanese. Because of this, she doesn't have a lot of friends and doesn't know how to kill this "Aka" personality of hers since she never wanted to be this killer in the first place. (Overview of personality)

As Akane, she is a sweet and charming 20 year old. But at times, she is very stubborn and often, seems to act like a mother when not intended. She helps those in need and ironically, she serves in the Republic City Police Department in order to do her services to her community. She's a girl who likes following orders and doing things by the book at all times, making her seem like a goody two shoes.

As Aka, her personality darkens times a thousand. She's much more darker than her cheerful self and tries to ruin her own reputation by breaking the law in the worst way possible: by being a killer. Aka has a thing for bloodshed and is a bit of a sadist herself. She's always seen smiling creepily, a trait that'll never go away because Aka doesn't like showing people what she feels like. (Basically, her smile is a mask)


Akane was born into a wealthy Fire Nation family but her parents were very rebellious since her mother, Chiaka and her wealthy father, Ritsu Lee, ran away into Ba Sing Se to elope and start a family. Little did they know that raising a child would be incredibly difficult. They sent her as a baby, back to Ritsu's home and was taken care of by her grandparents, something they (her grandparents) did not like. Since Ritsu's other brother was living in the Lee residence and had kids of his own, Akane's grandparents paid more attention to them than her as they grew up. Her uncle was the only who was really looking out for her.

When she was with her grandparents, did she gain love from them? Nope. It was the exact opposite. Their hate for their son grew and they unleashed it on to poor Akane who was only 6 at that time. So much abuse from them turned her into a quiet, obedient child, making her parents think that nothing was wrong in the Lee household back in the Fire Nation when Akane went back for summer vacation to her parent's house in Ba Sing Se.

At age 8, she was able to reveal the truth about the way Ritsu's parents treated her somehow. Ritsu and Chiaka were just going back to get somethings Ritsu wanted for his house in Ba Sing Se and managed to spend time with his family and only daughter. When Ritsu was there, his parents treated Akane like an angel but as they left the room, it was the same as always. One day when Ritsu and Chiaka were going out for dinner, Akane accidentally dropped an expensive bowl on the floor. Her grandmother lost it and started hitting her harshly with a belt. All Akane could do for herself was crying out loud. Her grandfather didn't do anything for he was sleeping in his room. In the middle of the punishment Ritsu and Chiaka came back home on time and saw the red back Akane had and the belt his mother held in her right hand. Not ever trusting them again with his daughter, he took her back to Ba Sing Se and permanently left them, deciding they will never go back. A year passed and Ritsu was expecting Akane to learn firebending lessons already but both of her parents learnt that it was impossible due to the fact that Akane was a nonbender. Nevertheless they continued to love and care for her with all of their hearts.

Due to the fact that she had such an attachment to her uncle, she was able to visit him and his kids when she was 12 years old. A year before that, his wife died, leaving him alone to take care of his kids. The time she spent at her grandmother's house was with her uncle and his kids, growing fond of her uncle even more.

A couple more years passed and she's now 15. She has turned into a pretty flower and attracted everyone's eyes. Especially her uncle's eyes. Whenever she went back to the Fire Nation to visit him, he would always try to have sex with her but it was in vain because, well she was gullible and naive. Nobody has taught her the concept of sex and who she was supposed to have it with. But she did know the concept of love. And she loved her uncle. They would share little kisses here and there, which would then turn to some sexual activities but never going too far so they actually had sex. But her uncle's libido was high for her. Why wouldn't it be? He lost his wife a couple years back and she was the only female who has ever been close to him ever since. Because of this, he decided to forcefully have sex with her. The next time she visited him, he decided to drink to make it look like an 'accident'. Slipping some alcohol into her juice, they drank together, her uncle getting drunk after the second cup. Since it was dark, he was able to bring her to his room where they would do such an act. That night, Akane slept with her uncle in a drunken state. When she woke up, she was panicking. She looked down at herself, only to see her naked body. Beside her was her uncle's naked body. A piercing headache was going through her head as she tried to recall last night's events. The 15 year old girl didn't have a clue to what they did last night. So she assumed they didn't do much and that they were fooling around. A couple weeks after, she went to go see him again but this time, she was so scared of him. She desperately wanted to know why her mind shouted at her to not go near her uncle she loved so much. Because of this, she stopped seeing him, stating she was a big girl and that she didn't need to see her uncle any more.

Two months passed and she started showing signs of pregnancy. She threw up in the morning and had so many cravings for things she hated. It was driving her parents insane. But her mother was wondering why she was like this. She remembered having these symptoms when she was pregnant with Akane. Akane didn't say anything about sleeping in the same bed stark naked with her uncle because she knew her uncle would get into serious trouble. But because of Chiaka's hunches, she asked Akane if she has slept with anybody. When interrogated, Akane always had the tendency of telling the truth because of her grandparents. Because of that, she subtly told her mother that she recalled one day sleeping with her uncle and waking up the next day all naked. Knowing what could have exactly happened that night, Chiaka went back to the Lee's house to interrogate her brother-in-law. When she got there she spoke to Akane's uncle with Akane with her. Akane was quivering at the sight of her uncle, again unsure why she was being so afraid of him. Seeing Akane in such a state pressured him into confessing. 'I made love to her!' He shouted. 'I did it! But it was never consensual!' Once he confessed, that night she forgot, suddenly came back to her like a storm on the ocean. It was too much for her to handle. Waves of emotions emerged from her, finally resurfacing after not knowing for so long.

Two years later at age 17, her whole life turned around. She started experiencing harsh mood swings and bipolar personalities. This was the start of her split personality disorder. When she gave birth to her male twins, she never really bothered to give them any names because she knew they were accidentally made and they shouldn't even been born. She was always yelling at her parents at simple questions or arguing with them with stuff she didn't like. She sometimes yelled at her twins and they started to cry whenever she did. She felt as if nobody understood the pain she went through. Of trusting somebody she really loved and for them to betray you. It was a knife behind her back. Many nights she would cry herself to sleep, knowing she won't be able to stand her uncle at all. But in due time, she realized all this stress and pain was because of him. Everything was because of him. At nights, she developed this dark personality. This... blood thirsty side of her as well as a need for power. She wanted to change her world so it was pain free. So during this year, she dug around through her father's weapon scrolls and found an old scroll that taught her the art of the sword. Using a sharpened katana from her father's attic, she focused on teaching herself how to skillfully use this sword for bloodshed. While she was cooking up a bloody scheme her parents wanted to call the cops on Akane's uncle but due to having their family reputation being screwed over, her grandparents decided to keep this situation to themselves and did everything they could to prevent Ritsu and Chiaka from calling the cops on Ritsu's brother.

A year passed and she was now 18. She felt as if her skill in the sword was ready to be used on her bastard of an uncle. Without her parent's knowledge of this, she traveled to the Fire Nation with only one goal in mind. Once she got there, she waited for night fall when her blood lust was high. She wore a black dress to blend with the darkness and no shoes for stealth. When she came across her uncle's bedroom in the Lee mansion, she unsheathed her katana and brutally stabbed her uncle, making it so his screams can't be heard. Due to the fact that it was her first time killing somebody, she almost threw up at the sight of the dead body. But remembering her pain... The pain he caused her to have by him simply not telling her the truth behind his actions gave her strength to move on to her next target. Her grandmother. She also caused her a great deal of pain when she was a child. Always shouting at her for nothing and abusing her with her belt. Well, it was her time to feel some pain now. With her quiet footsteps, she went to her grandmother's room and killed her as well. Now, as she has done this, she wondered. How will her grandfather react? Of course he will drop dead. So why shouldn't he drop dead with her? At this point her thoughts were completely screwed up, thinking it was okay killing others off due to the fact that nobody will be taking care of them or loving them. She killed her grandfather and then her uncle's kids. Once she was done, all that was left was blood. Lots of blood in the Lee mansion. During this time, her parents noticed her absence. Knowing they shouldn't call the cops to help search for their lost daughter they hired others to look for her for them.

When she journeyed back to Ba Sing Se, she reverted back to her old self but didn't know why her katana had blood on it. She didn't even remember herself training or getting her father's old scroll. All memory was lost. The night she got back home, she reverted to her bloodlusting self. She knew the next target was her children because they were mistakes that were never meant to have happened if her idiot uncle never raped her. While thinking this, she raised her katana towards her child and killed him with one slice since just by looking at him was a painful reminder of how her uncle raped her. Now, it was just one of her children because the other was in her parents' room. They have done that because Akane didn't like taking care of two of the kids so one was in her room and the other in her parents'. Knowing she would disrupt their sleep, she decided to let the other go and buried the dead baby a couple blocks away from their house.

The next day, her parents realized she was back safe and sound they were super relieved but grounded her for a month as punishment. Although she strangely remembered the events of herself killing her own child though she didn't care because her hatred for her child wasn't a lie. Her parents worried though for that child and they were convinced that he unfortunately crawled out of the house and onto the street, probably picked up by some stranger. As for the reason she 'left' home, Akane told a white lie, telling her parents she wasn't ready for motherhood but felt guilty about running away which drove her to come back home.

When Akane turned 19, nothing really changed. The bloodlust comes during the night and only at night. At morning she's just herself. But the news of the Lee's sudden death spread and eventually reached to Ritsu and Chiaka. The two were very surprised that they were all slaughtered and killed all on the same day. But Akane certainly knew what happened. She was very afraid about the fact that she might put her parents in danger so she left them. That year she took assassination requests from different corporations which was how she survived the entire year. One assignment led her to killing a wealthy politician and stealing his money. 'Damn you Jade Dragon people!' He shouted at Akane. Not knowing what faction that was, she just killed him and ran off with the money. Afterwards, the people who told her to kill this politician told her what they knew about the Jade Dragon. She thought it sounded like fun so she kept the thought that such a faction existed in her mind.

Once she was 20, she finally moved to Republic City and boldly joined the RCPD as a cover and personal protection. But at night, she is referred to as the 'Red Baroness' who kills for fun and bloodshed.


Initial Abilities
  • Martial Arts (Passive)

The user is adept in basic martial arts, allowing them to stay on par with someone who has focused their training on bending.

  • Weaponry (Passive)

The user has trained extensively with the use of classical weapons in order to make up for their deficit when it comes to taking on a bender.

  • Agility Training (Passive)

The user has received extensive training in their agility in order to increase their raw physical speed. They would easily exceed any person who relied on their bending.

  • Weight Training (Passive)

The user has received extensive training with weights and other forms of exercise in order to increase their raw physical strength. They would easily exceed any person who relied on their bending.

  • Endurance Training (Passive)

The user has received extensive training in physical endurance in order to increase the amount of physical energy they have at any given time. They would easily exceed any person who relied on their bending.

Basic Abilities

(Note: Once a power is chosen, it cannot be changed.)
Basic Ability 1. Not yet achieved (Achieved after 1 week)

Basic Ability 2. Not yet achieved (Achieved after 2 weeks)