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Finally at the very top floor would be the living quarters. It is a comfortable area where members can live or simply sleep at for the night after their arduous tasks. Kairo has made sure this floor was as homely as possible and doesn't even look abandoned like the first floor. Several worn couches are arranged together as a lounge in the main room. Several sections on the top floor serve as makeshift bedrooms for members to sleep in.

The bathrooms were refurbished and showers were even installed after some difficult plumbing. TV’s, radios, phonographs and even books are provided for entertainment. Kairo even takes it upon himself to cook for his allies in an old restaurant kitchen, though he’d have zero objections to assistance when preparing meals.

List of Cooks and Janitors

  1. Kairo (Cook)

List of Residents

  1. Torian
  2. Daruka