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Shopping mall by joakimolofsson-d4yx6op
30 years ago, this was a big mall that went bankrupt over an employee strike. It used to act like a shelter for many homeless people, an 11 year old Kairo and his big bro Titos being two of those many people. But the wayward citizens stopped going after rumor had spread that a number of murders had occurred here. The building was left empty for about 7 years.

The forsaken mall was a rundown complex, and it looked exactly like what an abandoned building would look like: worn paint chipping, dust and leaves covering and littered on the ground, and the interior and exterior walls slightly crumbling and unsteady. It was big and empty, and quiet that it almost seemed haunted.

Then Kairo returned, deciding his faction could make good use of it. After working hard with some members to renovate it, it officially became their main base of operations sometime after their war with the Zhi Fong.

The building still looks rundown, but it is very much cleaner now than before, with every inch and corner dusted and swept so it didn't look like a hurricane had passed through.

The ground floor was once a large food court. Making it good for mission briefings, orientations and meetings. While the floors above are used for different purposes. Stairs and a renovated elevator are available for transportation. All exits (including many windows and the skylight) except for the primary one at the front are blocked off with platinum/electric fencing. Platinum plating was placed underneath the ground floor and inside all of the outer walls to ensure that earthbenders cannot simply burrow their way inside.

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